My feelings for Microphone

Every time when I see the mic or go near my mic. I feel like I have someone near me to talk to. Someone like a best friend. You know, something that will never judge you, manipulate you and embarrass you, someone who always listen and keep the real memories when you talking.
Making music isn't about making money but this is life. We all know that the journey of this industry is very hectic but we just stay strong all the time. Having a microphone alongside you can change your life for good.
There are so many different sides to being a producer [or engineer]. It’s a complicated process. You’re dealing with the psychology of it, the emotion of it, the technical parts. In the beginning, I wasn’t really sure what it was all about

You may ask yourself: ‘The emotional side?’ Let’s explain this a bit further. Because one thing you always need to remember: you are dealing with other human beings. And those human beings have emotions. In a creative environment – like a recording studio – there are many emotions (people) you have to deal with and can’t really control. Especially musicians! However, you can support them, guide them and stimulate their creativity. It’s important to know that creative people need a certain framework. Within that framework, they are free to unleash their creativity. Don’t try to restrain them though, because they will get stuck. But at the same time, when the sky’s the limit, there is no end. So finding the right balance (framework) is key!

This is where the psychological aspect of the recording process comes in and it’s important to keep that in mind. Every human being is different and it actually is the role of a good producer to be able to read the room quickly. Certain people might feel unleashed whenever they enter a studio and get in the zone quickly. Others might feel intimidated by the glass window, a bright light, or 5 people staring at them. There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to a creative process.

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